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Welcome To The Glaucoma Care Center

At the Glaucoma Care Center we believe you deserve the best eye surgeon in Orange County. We take time with our patients and explain their specific condition and proposed treatment options in order to arrive at the best customized solution for your needs.
Our doctors will reassess your condition at every stage of treatment and modify your plan accordingly. Our surgeons trained at the best institutions In the country and are experienced in providing both non-surgical and surgical treatments.
It is normal to be worried about your condition and your treatment. We are here for you at every step of the way.

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We are the only premier glaucoma-focused ophthalmology practice in the
area. Our physicians have combined nearly 25 years of clinical experience and are trained at the best institutions throughout the country. We practice personalized approach to each patient and patient satisfaction is of a paramount importance.

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Alena And Jacob Reznik

Alena and Jacob Reznik

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We Provide Each Patient With a comprehensive and integrated approach

medical glaucoma care
medical glaucoma care
glaucoma surgery
glaucoma surgery
cataract surgery
cataract surgery
laser vision correction
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Brand New High-Tech Facility With Latest Equipment
  •  Well-Trained Surgeons At The  Best Institutions In The Country
  • Our Surgeons Continue To Learn And Adapt New Technologies
  • Premium Boutique Practice Focusing On Customized Patient Care.

Gluacoma is known as the Sneak Thief of Sight. It’s a painless, progressive loss of vision due to eye pressure being too high in the eye.

Our team can detect glaucoma much earlier than you can. You cannot rely on your senses to determine if you have glaucoma.

We have many instruments that can be used to help detect glaucoma. We use visual field tests, OCT, pachymetry, and a comprehensive eye exam, to determine if you have glaucoma and if it’s getting worse.

There are multiple specialized eye drops that are available for glaucoma treatment. There are lasers and there are surgeries.

There are newer less invasive surgeries called MIGS surgeries that can be used to help lessen the amount of eye drops that you need.

Fortunately, glaucoma surgery is covered by most medical insurance. Sometimes we are able to treat glaucoma and cataracts together in a comprehensive treatment plan.

Unfortunately, there is not much evidence that lifestyle or vitamins are effective in treating advancing glaucoma.

So, it comes down to eye drops, laser or glaucoma surgery. We personalize this treatment for you. We have advanced technology that can pick up glaucoma early. With our personalized care, we have many options available to help you achieve the best outcome.

We Listen To Our Patient's Needs

We Listen To Our Patient's Needs

Here is what our Patients have to say
Micah Crowley
Micah Crowley
Dr Reznik was fantastic. Very thorough and knowledgable. Highly recommend.
Lina Poyzner
Lina Poyzner
Drs. Alena and Jacob Reznik are the most empathetic and personable physicians I know. Besides being knowledgeable surgeons with an extensive professional training, they are highly motivated to adopt latest technological innovations and trends in Ophthalmic surgery. Both of my parents had the most pleasant experience and showed great post-surgery results due to Drs. Alena and Jacob Reznik's professionalism, personalized care, and "hand-holding" through the entire process. Thank you, Drs. Rezniks! Your patients are in good hands!
nicole brooks
nicole brooks
Highly skilled doctors, clean office, amazing bedside manner. Dr Reznik did a thorough exam of my eyes and explained everything to me very clearly so that I could understand. This is a gem of an office for all eye issues. Very impressed!
Don Attore
Don Attore
Dr. Reznik is an excellent physician , very professional, made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. His staff is superb and his office is very well organized. They gladly answer any questions and address concerns promptly. I trusted the doctor with both my eyes and I am pleased with the results.
Stephanie Kleinman
Stephanie Kleinman
I had Lasik Eye Surgery and received exceptional care from Dr. Reznik. He treated and cared for me as if I was his own family. He had such a thoughtful bedside manner, answered all my questions, explained everything so carefully, and made this entire process seamless and positive! I can’t recommend Dr. Reznik and the team at Glaucoma Care Center enough!! I’m so thankful he was the one to perform my surgery and make this experience what it was.
ludmilla shaposhnik
ludmilla shaposhnik
Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Alena Reznik taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. I immediately felt at ease – and felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. Not only has she taken great care of my eyes, but also she is lovely to speak with. I was pleased and astonished of Dr. Reznik’ s knowledge and expertise in this field. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!
Zhanna Kondkhorova
Zhanna Kondkhorova
Dr and Dr Reznik we’re able to see me and my husband promptly on a short notice. We did not feel rushed and they spent considerable amount of time with each one of us. I don’t like anyone coming close to my eyes but their staff put me at ease. Equipment and office is state of the art but it is all about explanations and the doctors. Numerous tests were done and explained. Thankfully I don’t have any serious conditions but it is important to have an eye exam once a year! We will be back abs bring our parents with us.
Tatyana Bukrinsky
Tatyana Bukrinsky
Took my grandma for her eye check- up. Our first time here. Beautiful sparkling clean office that takes Covid seriously - attentive staff. They helped with insurance, paperwork, extra explanations and handholding( and took their time). My grandma understood all her health issues and her eye conditions were explained in great detail. She was happy and scheduled her follow-up right away as well as one for me. Patients are spaced out so we did not have any contact with any other patients and plenty of exam rooms. They specialize in glaucoma but can help with any eye conditions- cataracts, dry eye. Never had a physician talk to us for 30 min plus and enjoyed it. Julie- front desk is a gem.
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