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Cataract Surgery Clinic in Newport Beach, CA “Clear vision and brighter future”

A common age-related eye problem, cataracts affect many people. A cloudy lens can cause poor vision, even blindness. There is good news: cataract surgery has proven to be an effective way of restoring vision.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing its patients with comprehensive cataract care, helping to restore vision. Here, we will discuss cataracts and their symptoms and the available treatment options.


What Are Cataracts

Cataracts affect the normally clear lens of an eye. This lens lies behind the iris. In old age, protein in the eye lens begins to clump. A clouding can occur. When the cataract gets bigger, it may cause vision issues, such as blurriness or poor night vision.


Cataracts can cause a variety of symptoms.

The symptoms can differ depending on the cataract’s severity and degree of progression. The development of cataracts can be gradual for some, while it may occur suddenly in others.


The following are symptoms that may indicate cataracts.

  1. A patient may report blurry or cloudy eyesight. This makes it hard to see clearly.


  1. Poor night vision Cataracts cause problems seeing at low lights. This makes driving or being in dimly illuminated environments at night difficult.


  1. Cataracts can cause color distortion.


  1. Increased Glare: Some patients may have an increased sensitivity to bright light.


  1. Double vision due to cataracts: This condition can lead to double vision in one eye.A doctor can examine your eye and identify if cataracts are present.


Treatment for Cataracts

Treatment for cataracts can only be achieved through surgery. There is good news. Cataract surgery can help patients see better again.

It is a minimally invasive procedure in which the cloudy cataract lens is removed and replaced by an artificial implant. Implanted lenses can improve the vision of cataract patients and restore their sight.


Different Cataract Surgery Types

You can choose the right cataract surgery depending on your eye condition.

Phacoemulsification: This type of surgery involves a very small incision along the side of your cornea. You then insert a little probe inside the eye. A probe that uses ultrasound energy breaks down the clouded cataract lens into small fragments and removes them from the eyes. The implant is placed in the eye using the same cut.

Extra capsular cataract surgery: It is a procedure used when phacoemulsification cannot remove advanced cataracts. To remove the lens in its entirety, an incision longer than usual is made at the side cornea. Through this same incision, the artificial lenses are inserted.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery: The laser used in this procedure is to create the corneal incision and remove the lens. The method is more accurate and requires less energy than traditional surgery.

Refractive cataract surgeries also correct refractive errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. It involves using a special lens implant to eliminate glasses or contacts and fix vision problems. 

The Right Cataract Surgery Clinic

Selecting the right clinic for cataract surgery is a crucial decision. It can affect the result of your operation. Consider these factors when choosing a clinic that offers cataract surgery.


  1. Find a clinic with experienced ophthalmologists who have performed successful surgeries.


  1. Technology: Ensure the clinic utilizes the latest technologies and techniques, such as laser-assisted cataract surgery.


  1. Patient-centered Care: Pick a clinic that prioritises patient safety, comfort and satisfaction during the surgical process.


  1. Affordability – Look for clinics that offer competitive pricing and take insurance.


  1. Check the clinic’s reputation by looking at reviews or asking friends and relatives for referrals.Many people develop cataracts with age. However, there is a good option for treatment: cataract surgery. This can improve vision and reduce the associated symptoms.


Newport Beach has a high-quality, top-notch cataract surgery center with the most up-to-date technology staffed by ophthalmologists. The clinic’s reputation, the expertise of the doctors and technology are all important factors to consider when choosing the correct cataract surgery clinic.